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The Vienna Concert House ( Konzerthaus Wien) is the residence of Vienna Symphony, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, the Wiener Singakademie and the Klangforum Wien. Several subscriptions also include concerts by the Vienna Philharmonic and other organizations. This contemporary Concert House was constructed as multipurpose building, after the idea of House of music festivals pf 1890´s. The Konzerthaus was finally built between 1911 and 1913. The architects were Fellner & Helmer; the work was done in cooperation with Ludwig Baumann. There are four concert halls inside this building, the Grosser Saal with 1,840 seats, Mozartsaal with 704 seats, Schubertsaal with 336 seats, and Berio Saal with 400 seats.

The Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft also conducts several festivals during the year like: Early Music Festival Resonanzen in January, the Vienna Spring Festival - Wiener Frühlingsfestival in April and May, the Internationale Musikfest in May and June, und Wien Modern in the Fall.

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