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Classic Exclusive - St. Anne's Church

Classic Exclusive - St. Anne's Church

Saison 2019

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The concert cycle "Classic Exclusive" enriches Vienna´s cultural calendar with musical works by the great composers of classical music, many of whom used to work and live in Vienna. A string ensemble, consisting of graduates from some of the most famous conservatoires in Europe, who perform in the renowned Viennese orchestras and participate currently with immense devotion in this musical cycle, delights the audience with works by Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Beethoven et al. The fine selection of works emphasizes the imperishability of the Viennese classicism. The venue- St. Anne’s Church- is located in the heart of Vienna, representing an architectural masterpiece in itself with its splendid acoustics and the unique Baroque ambience. On this way it guarantees an unforgettable evening and completes the exclusive experience.

Classic Exclusive concert program

W. A. MOZART (1756 – 1791)

Streichquartett in C-Dur (String quartet, Quatuor à cordes, Струнный квартет) N.14
Allegro vivace assai
Andante cantabile
Molto allegro


Streichquartett (String quartet, Quatuor à cordes, Струнный квартет) N. 4
Allegro ma non tanto
Andante scherzoso quasi Allegretto
Allegro – Prestissimo
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