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Manfred Trojahn's Orest is based on Euripides' drama of the same title. Writing his own libretto, Trojahn added thoughts from Friedrich Nietzsche's Dionysian-Dithyrambus. The starting point of the action is Orest's committed murder of his mother Klytaemnestra, having been driven by Apollo and Elektra to avenge his father but thus creating new guilt. With Orest, Trojahn wrote a gripping opera of approx. 80 minutes, which has - according to Michael Boder, who conducts the Wiener Staatsoper premiere - musical roots in Richard Strauss, Alban Berg and Arnold Schönberg. To Euripides' drama he added the God Dionysus as a counterpart of Apollo and changed the ending dramatically: instead of Apollo descending as deux ex machina to solve chaos, Orest emancipates himself from the influence of others.

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