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La Fille Mal Gardée (List und Liebe)

La Fille Mal Gardée (List und Liebe)

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La Fille Mal Gardée

Compositor: Ferdinand Hérold, arr. John Lanchbery | Conductor: Simon Hewett

La Fille Mal Gardée (The Wayward Daughter) is one of the oldest ballets still regularly performed. It was originally conceived by Jean Dauberval, an important choreographer in the 18th century. He is said to have been inspired by Pierre Antoine Baudouin’s "La Réprimande/Une Jeune Fille Querellée par Sa Mère" (1789), a painting he was greatly amused by.  This resulted in a musical pastiche called Le Ballet de la Paille (Ballet of the Straw) which told the story of Lison and Colin and their tricks to get Lison’s mother, the widow Ragotte, to accept their romance. Le Ballet de la Paille premiered July 1789 in Bordeaux.

The Vienna State Opera presents the story of Lise, a beautiful young villager, is in love with Colas, a farmer. They want to get married but Lise’s mother, widow Simone, has arranged to marry Lise off to Alain, the dimwitted, umbrella-obsessed son of Thomas, a rich countryman.

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